As more people worldwide gain access to the tools of the digital age, the internet plays an ever-increasing role in everyday life.  


In order for Noël Coward to resonate within culture and the arts in the future, it is essential to reach and engage with children and young people via carefully curated digital content. This will go a long way to engage and spark their interest across all digital platforms, which form such a significant part of their daily learning and interactions.

Currently, the searchable catalogue created by our in-house archivist is not publicly available online. With this in mind, a key goal of NCAT is to put significant funding towards digitising the physical archive and the catalogue, thus making the resources within the archive searchable worldwide for those who use online and digital platforms as their primary source of information.

If arts and heritage organisations are to serve the needs of future generations as a core audience group it is an imperative that digital content forms a significant part of that offer.

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