Archives have to live and breathe to be a starting point for the future, and we believe that the unique nature of the Noël Coward Room offers immediate and tangible access to Coward’s world.

Consequently, the long term aim of NCAT is to develop and expand the Noël Coward Room into a cultural heritage space in the heart of London by 2020, which would coincide with the 100th anniversary of I’ll Leave It To You, Noël Coward’s first West End production.

Ideally, this relocation of the Noël Coward Room would not only involve an expansion of the room itself, but also enable a contemporary entertainment environment to orbit around it, providing the arts community with exhibition space as well as reading, lecture and rehearsal rooms to use.

As London no longer has a Theatre Museum, it is important to keep this area of the arts alive through exhibitions and collections with museums such as V&A and British Library, as well as through bespoke heritage spaces, such as the one NCAT is planning to create.

An expanded version of the Noël Coward Room has the ability to act as a bridge between NCAT’s archive collection and the people who are working or performing in theatres today. By having Coward as the central point for a cultural space, it not only allows Coward’s influence on arts and culture to live on, but also uses his impact to encourage and nurture new artistic endeavours, thus providing opportunities to keep the arts industry alive and prospering way into the future.

If you would like to support this particular project, you could become an official ambassador, which will entitle you to a number of benefits.  Visit our Support page for more information. 

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