“Mr Coward is his own invention and contribution to this century. The 20th Century would be incomplete without Noël Coward. He was, quite simply, a genius"

John Osborne


The Noël Coward Archive Trust is a recently established UK non-profit charity, which runs alongside The Noel Coward Archive (US) Inc. in the US. 

The history embedded within Noël Coward’s life & works is part of our culture’s future, and the Trust aims to generate as much creative energy as possible around Noël Coward’s Archive to allow people from all generations and backgrounds to feel inspired by the positive force that Coward and his contemporaries had upon theatre and the arts. 


The Archive Trust aims to ensure that the materials from Coward’s lifetime are made publicly accessible for study, research and cultural growth via a physical heritage site and digital representations of the archive materials. At present, the collection within the Noël Coward Archive is made available to researchers upon request.

For more information about the Archive Trust, click here.



Charities Number: 1167352

The Noël Coward Archive Trust

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